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Google Keywords Planner is a tool. Their main function is to provide the idea about google ranking keywords and estimation of traffic. Here you can search keywords according to your selected niche. Which is describe your services on the website Some people make affiliate website so they select keywords based on their products. The biggest facility is that google’s keywords planner is free of cost. Forgetting approach to google ads you don’t need to invest any money. For utilizing this tool the first step is to making an account on google ads and here mentioning some information about you and your business.


Google is so aggressive in this case so if you want to access then first pay some cash to google. The tool gives you the facility of approaching without running any google ads. After opening firstly you click on the go-to keyword planner. Secondly, you choose your main advertising aims. Except this, you don’t choose any other option. The next step is creating an account without a campaign. After that click on the submitted button. If you succeed in your mission then option sees in your pc screen which explores your account. The next step is to switch to expert mode. Final or the last step is to click on the keyword planner and enter your selected niche or keywords here.


For beginners and starters, the tools give you two options.

Discover the keyword-in this category you can find a keyword according to your niche and product. Which is responsible for targeting your desired audience.

SEARCHING THE VOLUME AND FORECASTS-in this Category you need to focus on volume and historical matrix of your selected keyword. Above both options are responsible for your keyword searching according to your website services.

FIND A SEO FRIENDLY KEYWORD-here you need to enter your product name, URL of your website for a searching keyword related to your business. At the result of this google gives you multiple options of the keyword. Here you find four options. Which are monthly searches, competitions, low ranges of keywords, and high ranges keyword? The other way of searching by entering the URL in the search option. Entering a single keyword the tool gives you several options.

SEARCHING VOLUME AND FORECAST-here you can find the volume and forecast of your selected keyword. Here you get information about how much your expected clicks and impressions on your selected keyword. Here you can also get the information about the overall expense of CTR AND CPC. If you want to see monthly volume and forecast then click on the historical matrics. As a result, you can see easily the average volume of your selected keyword.


There are the following Google Keywords Planner hacks

  • Unlocking the exact explore volume.
  • View all keywords idea which is given by google tool.
  • Steal keyword proposal from your competitors.
  • FAQ -answering public questions.
  • Choosing the profitable keyword by seeing on the suggested bid.
  • Must look at the keyword volume from the local area.
  • Must aware of the public utilization device.

Google keywords planner is an excellent and most powerful tool. I highly recommend this tool for the search for SEO friendly keywords. By utilizing this tool you can get accurate results for growing up your business. They can also resolve the other SEO tools like Ahrefs keyword explorer. Above I mention all features of Google Keywords Planner. By utilizing this you can get more and real traffic on your website which is beneficial for the establishment of your business.

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