Cloud Hosting vs Traditional Hosting

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Cloud technology is one of the cost-effective and reliable applications of the cloud. Just like the other cloud computing services this technology provides all services of hosting over the internet.

The remarkable progress of cloud computing gave new dimensions to the Information Technology sector. The popularity of the cloud has amplified over the past few years due to the exponential increase in the number of internet users. In order to facilitate the internet users looking for hosting services, the cloud provides cluster server hosting that is also called on-demand hosting server.  

Many of us, technology illiterate, has no idea what is cloud and what is hosting. Cloud is simply a data storing space available over the internet. The cloud storage makes it possible to stockpile heavy data, i.e., programs, applications and software over the internet that could be accessed anytime you need.

Hosting service means a single source that is often a computer, contains all data or information and connected to different other computers. This single source or computer is also called a host that gives access to the stored information to all other systems connected to it.

What is Cloud Technology?

The cloud platform provides hosting services over the internet on the demand of the clients. Cloud-based hosting is provided by multiple connected, cloud containing servers, unlike traditional hosting services that use a single server or virtual server.

Cloud vs Traditional Hosting

There are basically two forms of traditional hosting, dedicated and shared. In dedicated hosting, a service provider gives full resources of one or more servers to the company that pays for it. It allows the client to have complete control over the given fix space of the server.

In the case of shared hosting, a client pays for a fixed amount of storage on a single server that is also shared with different other websites. Shared hosting is less expensive and does not require maintenance and updating at the user end. 

As compared to the traditional hosting services cloud technology is scalable. The client can demand more space when required by the companies that provide cloud services. Moreover, the user only pays for a certain amount of space that is being used. It distributes the load over multiple servers that help to keep the data active all the time even if one of the servers is down. This technology is a cost-efficient, flexible and secure service as compare to the shared and dedicated hosting. It provides the most reliable, scalable and accessible hosting service in comparison with other traditional hosting services.

Many online businesses are moving from traditional hosting to cloud hosting for the more effective solutions for their web hosting requirements.

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